Welcome to EZQC™ Online

EZQC™ Online helps provide laboratories with quality control management tools that guide molecular testing from assay set-up, implementation to performance monitoring. The expanded EZQC™ Online includes the EZValidation™ Online Tool, along with new features such as peer comparison and calibration verification, to help enhance laboratory productivity and assurance.

EZQC™ Online now includes:

  • EZValidation™ Tool (v2) to assist with validation and verification of quantitative, qualitative and multiplex assays
  • QC Monitoring to track daily QC and peer comparison to connect with labs in your network
  • Calibration verification to help maintain regular six-month calibration checks

We look forward to answering your questions regarding EZQC™ Online and the AcroMetrix® line of quality control products. Email us at AcroMetrix Customer Support for any questions or comments.
Questions or Comments? Please email AcroMetrix Customer Support.